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Don’t just take our word for it.

Who we are

At Rockbridge, you won’t find any product pitches, birthday cards, or pictures of over-the-top beaches and Goldendoodles (although we do love dogs). You’ll get straightforward, rock-solid investment advice in terms you can understand without unnecessary costs or complexity. We’re a fee only financial advisor, so there’s never any conflict of interest. And we insist on complete clarity at Rockbridge—after all, you can’t be confident about your decision if we aren’t speaking your language.

We want you to be happy you met us.

Rock-solid advice you can understand.

At Rockbridge, we believe that advisors should focus on unbiased advice and use a diversified, low-cost investment portfolio to implement that advice. Through our collaborative approach to delivering advice, we can make sure to deliver on YOUR unique needs with the RIGHT group of people. That’s why you’ll find a team of industry experts and not salespeople who sell products for a commission.

Building a better tomorrow for you by focusing on things that matter.

It really comes down to prioritizing what actually moves the needle in your financial life. Trying to out-perform the market through active managers adds the least amount of value in a diversified portfolio, yet charges the largest fees. At Rockbridge, we focus on the factors you can control: how much risk to take, what mix of investments, and how much the investments cost, all while prioritizing your life, tax, and estate planning needs.

Why hasn’t somebody else thought of this?

The financial services industry has rewarded selling products for decades. As much as advisors claim to do “financial planning,” most are simply not structured or qualified to provide clients with the advice they need. They are built on a traditional model of investment management – a model that’s outdated. At Rockbridge, we’re different. We’ve designed a new model from the ground up that revolves around helping clients achieve more, keep more, and do more, all for a fair cost. No client should settle for any less. And because we’re a fee only investment advisor, it’s in our best interest to see you make more money.

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What our clients are concerned about

You’ve done a great job
saving for retirement, now you need to make it last.


What our clients are concerned about

You want to pay the least amount in taxes possible.


What our clients are concerned about

You want to make sure you are receiving high value at a fair cost.


What our clients are concerned about

You want to make sure you are invested in the right markets with the appropriate amount of risk.


Who We Help

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Why Rockbridge?

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Our client experience

Discovery Meeting

Our initial meeting is simply an opportunity to learn more about each other and decide if we’re a good fit. If so, we’ll proceed with constructing a personalized financial plan.

Constructing a Financial Plan

Here’s where the fun begins! Successful financial planning is a continuous, evolving process. We adjust over time as your life, needs, goals, and the market change. Initially, we’ll develop and implement a plan based on your situation today. We’re ready to help you navigate your way to financial success and tackle all obstacles along the way.


We’ll review your plan together to ensure we’ve created a strategy that you understand and best fits your needs. If we are fortunate enough to earn your business, we’ll complete the necessary paperwork to move forward at this meeting or at a follow-up appointment.

Monitoring Results

To be successful, a financial plan can’t be static. We’ll compare planned results versus actual results and make adjustments to your plan as your goals change or as the market dictates.

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