We’d like to think that any investor who is seeking to build wealth according to a customized plan based on his or her personal goals — and is willing to adopt a patient, long-term strategy for doing so — is a good candidate for working with a fee-only investment advisor. We believe, and there is academic evidence to demonstrate, that you stand a better chance of achieving your desired financial goals by having an advisor who is “on your side,” versus either trying to do it alone or working with a broker/advisor.

A good analogy can be found in the world of real estate. If you’re in the market to buy a house, the seller’s agent may be very helpful and offer all kinds of ideas on why a house is perfect for you. He or she is likely to genuinely enjoy getting to know you, and be eager to answer your questions. But it’s important to remember that a seller’s agent is ultimately accountable to the seller, not you. To represent your best interests, catching those “gotchas” that even a savvy individual might otherwise miss, you must procure your own attorney and/or buyer’s agent. This sort of expert, objective advice can pay for itself in monetary value as well as in the peace of mind that the additional input provides.

fee-only investment advisor is the equivalent of your personal buyer’s agent, helping you avoid the many gotchas in our financial markets, and get you where you wish to go.