January 21, 2022


Rockbridge Spotlight: Disciplined Capital Management

Rockbridge is excited to welcome Adam Gagas, Sharon Craig, and Jodi DeAugustine of Disciplined Capital Management (DCM) to the Rockbridge team. Rockbridge and DCM decided to consolidate businesses and advisory teams this past October. The combination is a natural fit because the two firms share a common heritage and investment philosophy that dates back three decades to the advisory firm formed by Bob Ryan and Craig Buckhout, originally called Disciplined Capital Management.

In recent years DCM has focused on advising institutions, endowments, and non-profit organizations in the Central New York region and beyond. The combination adds an institutional advisory arm to Rockbridge. Adam Gagas will lead the new Rockbridge institutional team and add valuable expertise to our investment committee.

The integration of DCM into Rockbridge creates a diverse and experienced team of investment professionals that broadens our depth and breadth of service, allowing us to help even more clients achieve their investment goals. Please join us in welcoming Adam, Sharon and Jodi to the Rockbridge team!

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