Who Are We?

To offer a surface-level description, Rockbridge Investment Management, LLC is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor firm providing a fiduciary level of client care. Serving individual investors and 401(k) retirement plans in the Syracuse community and beyond, our firm’s roots date back 20+ years.
But that’s probably not everything you’d like to know. You’re seeking a deeper, more subtle connection:
Who are these folks, really, and will I enjoy working with them?
Meet our people, our firm, and our community interests.
How will I know if they’re on my side?
As a fiduciary advisor, we’re legally obligated and proud to serve your highest financial interests, even ahead of our own. Is your current advisory relationship a fiduciary? The fiduciary advantage
Will they understand me and my own financial goals, and advise accordingly?
From day one of our relationship with you, we apply a deep, consultative approach.  Our Process
Do they know what they’re talking about?
We’d like to think so, but let’s let you decide. Our Philosophy
Will they follow through?
Our processes include planning, implementing, and monitoring your portfolio’s performance, in accordance with your stated and evolving goals. More
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