You want to do more than simply avoid liabilities; you want to provide your employees with a good plan. But there’s a dilemma:

  1. Most employees don’t want to be investment gurus; they just want to retire comfortably.
  2. You aren’t an investment advisor either, nor do you wish to take on the role.

The results: All too often, traditional plans leave employees fending for themselves. Hanging their future on too many random choices with no clear guidance, they’re left feeling uncertain and unsupported. Lacking confidence, they second-guess their decisions … or put off making them at all. Anxiety is expensive – for you and for your employees.
The Rockbridge Remedy: In our capacity as your ERISA 3(38) fiduciary advisor, we replace unsupported confusion with a professional, guiding hand. 
We Bridge the 401(k) Plan Support Gap
To bridge the gap between participants’ goals and their ability to achieve them, Rockbridge combines cost-effective, professionally managed model portfolios with informed understanding for your plan participants.
Model Portfolios – We offer five, professionally managed model portfolio choices. We structure each portfolio:

  • Objectively, as your ERISA 3(38) fiduciary advisor – accepting no third-party commissions or other forms of profit-sharing arrangements
  • According to the academic evidence on how best to capture expected long-term returns while managing for the market risks involved
  • Using low-cost, similarly minded fund managers such as Vanguard for the underlying funds.

Added Flexibility – For times when a model portfolio may not be the sole or ideal solution for particular circumstances, participants can also access well-managed, low-cost funds designed to target particular asset classes as needed.
Robust Participant Education – We augment efficient investment selections with caring, personal advice, upfront and ongoing. Armed with essential understanding, backed by smart, simple choices, your employees can be on their way to a solid retirement plan experience.
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