That’s a fair question. It’s hard to find an advisor who offers all the investment advisor services we’ve described above, but we’d be flat-out lying if we claimed to be the only one. So, beyond our robust services, we believe we’re an appealing choice because our business is built around our commitment to client care. Rockbridge is:

Fiduciary — As Your fiduciary advisor, we’re legally obligated to advise strictly and exclusively in your highest interest, period. You’d think that would be a given, but think again. “Advisors” who are brokers or agents instead of Registered Investment Advisor firm representatives may be operating under the less-rigorous suitability standard. That means they can recommend a product that may cost you more (with higher commissions for them) as long as it’s merely suitable for your portfolio.

Fee-Only Investments — Tightly woven into our fiduciary role, our sole compensation comes from clearly disclosed fees that are a percentage of the wealth we manage for you. The way we figure it, if we reject all commissions or other forms of outside compensation, we’ll never be tempted by them. You are the only person who compensates us for our advice to you, and we think that’s in your best interest.

Right-sized — in terms of advisor selection, you can be an ocean-bound guppy or a whale in a paddling pool. Our business model is sized to best serve clients with wealth in the range of $500,000 to $5 million, as big fish in our right-sized pond. Over the years, we’ve grown our firm to complement our clients’ needs with a sensible balance of investment advisors, financial and retirement planners, service support, and office administration designed to fully address without overreaching their needs.