It depends on the fee-only investment advisor, but we can tell you what we do at RockbridgeAt the highest level, we help you build or maintain your wealth in a meaningful way, so you can feel free to do what you want with your life. In the face of life’s many uncertainties, we want to make investing as easy and effective as possible for you.

Mid-level, we address two tightly interrelated needs: the personal and the practical sides of investing. From a personal perspective, investment advice is pointless if it’s not on target. We’ve got the passion and processes to help you: (a) assess where you’re at today, and where you’d like to be tomorrow, (b) recognize and feel prepared to address your biggest challenges, and (c) stay on course toward your evolving goals.

Of course we also help you with the practical “how-to” of investing. For this, we’ve got understandable solutions in place, flexible to meet your unique goals but grounded in decades of academic evidence on how you can best harness expected market returns to build wealth.

Close-up, your Rockbridge team is your ally in planning, executing and maintaining the broad and detailed scope of your wealth. We help you articulate your goals, reflect them in a written plan, build your investments according to plan, and monitor and report on how you’re doing. Throughout, we welcome your questions and ideas, whether they’re about your finances, your life’s vision, or just to touch base.