11 Common Questions:

[sws_toggle3 title=”What does a Fee-Only Investment Advisor do?”]It depends on the fee-only investment advisor, but we can tell you what we do at Rockbridge. At the highest level, we help you build or maintain your wealth in a meaningful way, so you can feel free to do what you want with your life. In the face of life’s many uncertainties, we want to make investing as easy and effective as possible for you. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Why Fee-Only Investment Advisors?”]Closely related to the fiduciary standard of care offered by Registered Investment Advisor firms, there is the matter of compensation: Who is paying the bills? In a commission-based model, traditional brokers and similar financial intermediaries are paid by the companies whose products they buy and sell. How might that affect their loyalties? Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Why Work with a Registered Investment Advisor Firm?”]There are essentially two ways to participate in our financial markets. You can form a relationship with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm to serve as a liaison between you and the brokers who execute your trades. Or you can work directly with a broker. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Why should I do business with Rockbridge?”]That’s a fair question. It’s hard to find an advisor who offers all the investment advisor services we’ve described above, but we’d be flat-out lying if we claimed to be the only one. So, beyond our robust services, we believe we’re an appealing choice because our business is built around our commitment to client care. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Fees, schemes. Can’t I do this myself?”]Yes, you can, sort of. Good, basic investing isn’t rocket science. But even so, most people don’t do it nearly as well on their own. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Fee-Only versus Fee-Based Investment Advisors”]As if the financial industry weren’t complicated enough, there are fee-only investment advisors and fee-based advisors — and a Registered Investment Advisor firm can be either. As the wording implies, fee-only investment advisors like Rockbridge receive NO commissions or any other forms of compensation from ANY outside sources. At the other end of the spectrum, commissioned brokers receive most or all of their revenue from the companies whose products they buy and sell. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Choosing A Fee-Only Investment Advisor”]By now, we hope we’ve convinced you of the advantages of turning to a fee-only investment firm with Registered Investment Advisors for assistance in achieving your long-term financial goals. But even within this narrower scope, there are often multiple choices. How do you decide? Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Who is an Ideal Client for a Fee-Only Investment Advisor?”]We’d like to think that any investor who is seeking to build wealth according to a customized plan based on his or her personal goals — and is willing to adopt a patient, long-term strategy for doing so — is a good candidate for working with a fee-only investment advisor. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Isn’t the stock market too risky for my retirement investments?”]The short answer is, it depends. First, it helps to understand different kinds of investment risk: Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”How are you going to protect my money if there’s another economic meltdown?”]The best time to “react” to an economic meltdown is long before it happens. To manage your wealth through good times and bad, we emphasize planning and preparation as the foundation upon which to build. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]
[sws_toggle3 title=”Why can I expect your way of managing money to work well for me?”]Perhaps our biggest point of distinction is that all of our services, strategies and advice are centered on ensuring that your unique goals, challenges and opportunities are the driving force behind your financial activities. Learn More[/sws_toggle3]