November 15, 2021


Rockbridge becomes Upstate NY’s only “Recommended Advisor” by the White Coat Investor

We are happy to announce we have joined 34 other Advisory firms from around the country who are labeled “Best Financial Advisors for Physicians” by the White Coat Investor.

Who is the White Coat Investor? Jim Dahle is a practicing emergency physician in Utah. After several bad experiences with financial professionals, he developed a passion for personal finance. He spent much of his free time over the next several years learning about personal finance and how it applies to doctors. Eight years after Medical School he started the White Coat Investor Blog which has developed a large following, especially among younger doctors. Jim’s mission is helping to ensure his peers don’t suffer the same fate he did, being sold an inappropriate whole life policy, buying mutual funds with sales commissions, and receiving generally poor financial advice early on in his career.

What are the criteria for becoming a Recommended Advisor? The White Coat Investor estimates at least 80% of doctors should use a financial advisor. However, there are only a small percentage of those calling themselves “financial advisors” who provide good advice at a fair price. The ones he recommends adhere to the same fee-only fiduciary model Rockbridge has been championing for 12 years. Recommended Advisors follow disciplined, evidence-based, investing. They don’t try timing the market, they don’t push high-cost active management, and they don’t sell products. Instead, Recommended Advisors provide quality investment management, emphasize financial planning, and charge less than the industry average. It makes perfect sense Rockbridge would be on the list.

What can I expect from Rockbridge going forward? We will continue to be the best financial partner we can as you embark on your journey through life. From our experience working with over 100 providers in Syracuse and beyond we understand what is and isn’t unique about being a doctor, dentist, PA, or NP.

If you haven’t spoken to your advisor recently or have a friend who you think could use your help, please reach out. We think we’re a great option for those seeking financial advice and it’s comforting to know experts in the industry, like the White Coat Investor, agree.

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